New Management Sweeps in Fresh Ideas, Innovative Change

Duluth Indian Point Campground

Like the sun’s rays on the eastern horizon, the new management at Indian Point Campground sets the tone for a new day, bringing bright ideas for innovative change and a warm response to customer’s needs.

The dynamic team from the ever popular and successful Spirit Lake Marina, just a mile and a half down the road, has already renovated bathrooms and showers, initiated a new reservation system, stocked up the camp store and even planted flowers in the window boxes, so bright colors greet you as you enter the grounds.

“We’re launching our new web site this week as well, with 21st century options for communicating with our guests,” said Charlie Stauduhar of Spirit Lake Development, the campground new management company.

Campers can stay in touch through Facebook, RSS feeds, or by signing up for the online newsletter, which let you know about upcoming events in the area and exciting activities to make your camping experience memorable.

The City of Duluth Public Administration Director, Lisa Potswald, told Duluth City Council that Spirit Lake was chosen as the new managers because they have the best plan for improving the campground.

Listening to customers is Priority One and responding with integrity is a given for this crew. So, check back often to find out what’s new.





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